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Tecsun PL-210 Digital PLL Portable AM/FM/LW Shortwave Radio, Black
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Tecsun PL-210 Digital PLL Portable AM/FM/LW Shortwave Radio, Black

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The Tecsun PL210 is a portable digital radio with dual conversion technology. This PLL synthesized receiver picks up a wide range of broadcasting including AM, FM , longwave & shortwave. To tune into a station, you can use one of the following 4 methods: Tuning knob, key entry, ATS & memory tuning. There are also a total of 1,700 preset memories on 12 pages available for easy access to your favorite stations.

The PL-505 can be powered by two AA batteries (not included), it also has 5V mini-USB DC input jack. When using the USB jack, the radio can be used to charge the batteries (rechargeable AA batteries only) when necessary.

Frequency coverage:

FM: 87-108MHz?
AM: 520-1710;
LW: 150-519 KHz;
SW: 1711-29999 KHz
Accessories include:

Soft shortwave antenna;
Carrying pouch;
USA warranty registration card
User manual in English

Important notice: Kaito Electronics, Inc, the exclusive authorized distributor of Tecsun Radios in North America, offers service from Los Angeles, USA. Only Kaito provides English User's Manual book for the Tecsun Radios, if you buy from other seller, you got Manual in Chinese only.


AM/FM Shortwave receiver with ATS (Auto Tuning Storage)

AM Dual Conversion

1,700 preset memories for easy access to your favorite stations

Alarm clock + sleep timer (1-120 min)

Kaito Electronics, Inc is the only authorized Tecsun Distributor in North America, Only the Tecsun radios sold by Katio come with English user manuals

Product Details:
Product Length: 4.92 inches
Product Width: 1.02 inches
Product Height: 2.95 inches
Product Weight: 0.44 pounds
Package Length: 6.8 inches
Package Width: 4.1 inches
Package Height: 2.1 inches
Package Weight: 1.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 6 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 6 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

4First impressions Tecsun PL-210.Feb 19, 2012
By guyg. "guyg"
I have only had this radio for 2 days.I like it.Out of the box without reading the manual I programmed about 20 Fm and Am stations.Genius?No,just ansty.Read the manual to understand the functions (what genius!).It is a neat little radio.Don't expect miracles on Sw bands,especially if this a first radio.Use the supplied clip on antenna;throw it out a window,if you can (the antenna,Not the radio :-)).Do a search for best times and frequencies for short wave listening.I picked up several sw stations.It sounds great on FM ,with the supplied headphones.If you like radio,I think you will like this little portable.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

1Tecsun Pl-210 Product ReviewJun 26, 2013
By Fred128
I compared my new Tecsum Pl-210 to my $29 Sangean SG-796 and Sony SW7600GR and these are the results. On AM the Tecsum PL-210 was just slightly less sensitive then both my old Sangean SG-796 but my Sony SW7600GR was the most sensitive and the winner. I also noticed that the Tecsum Pl-210 had poorer selectivity compared to my Sangean SG-796 and my Sony SW7600GR. One thing that was really annoying was when I was trying to listen to a weak station the PL-210 would automatically go into a very narrow bandwidth and a mute mode which make it very annoying to listen to. When I compared the audio the Tecsum Pl-210 had a slightly tinny sound compared to my other radios which was probably due to its very small speaker.

IMPORTANT: A radio being sensitive is not the most important thing that makes a good radio. A good radio should have good sensitivity, good selectivity, good image rejection and also have good audio quality. The Tecsum PL-210 would have been a really nice radio if the manufacturer (Tecsun) would have played closer attention to quality control and not worrying about how many they shipped out.

UPDATE: I had to return 3 Tecsum PL-210 radios back to Amazon because they were either defective or looked used and not brand new. I do not know why Amazon keeps on recycling these defective radios which in my opinion is wrong and is bad business ethics. They should have returned these defective radios back to theit distributor instead of recycling them in hope that eventually someone would keep them.

LATEST UPDATE: I received my 4th Tecsun PL-210 radio and this one looks new and the performance is slightly better then the others that I have returned. Even though it still has issues with the bandwidth changing when receiving weak signals I will keep this one and I will try to find a solution to the problem with the changing bandwidth issue when receiving weak stations.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5another Tecsun gemFeb 16, 2013
By Richard Kaplan
I already own a couple of other Tecsun radios and they work great. I'm surprised there are only two reviews of the 210 on Amazon. This is a very small radio, even tinier than the 606. There are a few difference. There is no ETM or DSP,but there is a direct frequency keyboard, which I miss on the 606, and it has 1,700 presets..probably more than you'll ever need. With the sheer number of presets you can program the FM band on the first page, The AM band up to 1520 on the second page, and the remainder of the frequencies on the third page. Being there are only 100 AM frequencies on most other Tecsun models, you can get them all in here.

One nice plus is the fact you can program shortwave, FM and AM stations in the same memory band. I do miss that ETM feature, but it does have ATS tuning which does the same thing, and with so many memories, if you travel you can punch in the available frequencies on the different memory pages.

Only downside is that is not as selective as the 606, 380 and 390 on FM. Sensitivity is great on both bands, but you will hear a little spillover on strong FM frequencies. I guess not having that DSP feature is the reason.

The CCrane Mini radio looks very similar and it is about the same size. I ordered that a couple of months ago and returned it when I discovered it's poor performance on AM and FM., and the fact you had to hit an enter button for the direct frequency. The radio has a tuning knob that does not go in "increments". With other Tecsun radios, the sound can either be too loud or soft when listening at low levels.

I have the 606, 390, with the twin stereo speakers and excellent AM reception. The 210 is a nice addition.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Decent RadioMay 09, 2013
By Michael Azzarello
This is a decent radio...but I haven't had much luck with the short wave stations...So far the Am and FM stations work well... I will update my review as I continue to experiment with the radio.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4little radioAug 07, 2012
By mac
bought it because it is small red and the price was right, well it is small and red,

have had it for 3 weeks, does everything i expected from a small under sixty dollar radio,

got mine for 39 bucks like it works quite well for its size and price

short wave you will hear much more if hooked to wire antenna

i like this radio

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